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in the Midlands Region during the 1960's.

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Drakelow P.T.C. Course for Apprentices in 1st year of Training (1980) Midlands Power How Electricity is made and Transmitted
Drakelow Plant Training Centre
Courses for Apprentices Midlands Power How Electricity is made
and Transmitted
Training for Engineers Correspondence Course
Training and Prospects
for Engineers
Turbine House Correspondence Course
(BEA 1950's)

East Midlands Division
H.Q. - Barker Gate, Nottingham.
Burton-on-Trent Castle Donington Cottam Coventry No picture yet Drakelow
Burton-on-Trent Castle Donington Cottam Coventry Derby Drakelow
High Marnham Leicester Lincoln Northampton No picture yet Ratcliffe
High Marnham Leicester Lincoln Northampton Nottingham Ratcliffe and
Spondon Staythorpe W.Burton Willington
Spondon Staythorpe West Burton Willington

Midlands Division
H.Q. - 53 Wake Green Road,
Moseley, Birmingham 13.
Hams Hall Ironbridge Ironbridge Meaford Nechells Ocker Hill Rugeley Rugeley
Hams Hall Ironbridge Ironbridge
Meaford Nechells Ocker Hill Rugeley Rugeley
Stoke Stourport Walsall Warwick Wolverhampton Worcester
Stoke Stourport Walsall Warwick Wolverhampton Worcester

1960's Apprentices/Trainees
September 1960 . . . . . .
September 1961 Jim Aldridge, John Richards, Bob Jolly, Roger Wanklin, Mart Stevens, Pat Roach, Paul Pratty, Malcolm Kilsby, John Holland, Mike Nealon, Ivor Cole, Brian Young, Stuart…?, Ray Cope, Keith Hirons, Paul Pratty, Stu Thomas, Jim Muldoon, . . . . . .
September 1962 Roger Harrison, Bob Proffitt, Malcolm Young, Dave Cresswell, Peter Whitehead, Tom Davy, Ian Harvey, Bill Turton, Tim Elson, Alan Jones, Jim Reeves, Paul Beards, Dennis Evanson, Neil Hinchley ? . . . . .
September 1963 Neil Palin, Jeff Rhodes, Charlie Britton, Chris Gidlow, Gordon Manship, Hugh Lindsey, Dave Robinson, Brian Searson, Steve Curtis, Pete Stubbs, Pip Jackson, Pete Jackson, Robin Watkins (Chopper), Malcolm Tivey, Dave Bennett, John Sharpe, Pat Parkes, Steve Branston, Mick Firmstone, Brian Mills, Chris Meredith, Neil Hinchley ? . . . . . .
September 1964 David Moss, Steve Day, Eddy Hewitt, John Wallace, Robin Barlow, Bob Carlisle, Don Drinkwater, Pete Griffiths, Roger Leighton, . . . . .
September 1965 Geoff Marshall, Colin Palmer, Allan Riley, . . . . . .
September 1966 David Bore, Chris Rose, Pete Jones, Dave Rowe, Dave Hubbard, Dave Pitcher, Ken Lucas, David Mort, Janice Gratton, Gordon Henderson, Derek Blueman, Syd Knowles, Gordon Smith, Barrie King, David Adkin, Geoff Holmes, Malcolm Pipes, . . . . .
September 1967 Glynn Davies, Fred Smith, Phil Grice, Alan Orpwood, Dave Hardwick, Dave Lowe, Pat Smith, Steve Haywood, Mike Rock, Roger Commander, Brian Haynes, John Sampson, Terry Austin, Dave Nichol(l)s, Garth Woodvine, Alan Williams, Mick Bolton, Pete Wainwright, James Neil, John Lycett, . . . . .
September 1968
50 Year Anniversary Reunion More Details
Andrew (Andy) Savidge, Laurence Blundell, Peter Longman, Steve Wheat, Brian Jones, Colin ???, Clive Riddell, . . . . .
September 1969 Daniel Doyle, Graham Roach, John Leggott, Gerald Cartwright, Alastair JOHN Rennie,
ColinCross,  . . . . . .

Trying to Contact . . .

James Bembridge I wonder if you could help me with some research I am doing regarding CEGB,
I am writing a book about Schlumberger the oil rig company in the 1970s - 1980s and looking for background for some of the people I have found in their old Intercom magazines.
One of the employees was a David C Hawkins who was at CEGB but I have no idea where, but I have the dates somewhere between 1963 - 1967. If you have any information I would be greatly thankful.
Colin Precious I worked in the Drawing office in Wake Green Road in the 1960s and later moved to the then new site in Shirley, until the late 1970s. It would be nice to make contact with others who worked at one or both sites, during this period.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of JUDITH HOPKINS ? She worked as a tracer in the Drawing office at the C.E.G.B in Shirley Solihull from the late 1960s.
She lived in a cottage in Marshall Lake Road,Shirley Solihull.

Zena Leah (nee King) I am looking for anyone who may have worked on site with my father Ronald (Ron) King. He joined the CEGB in 1956 and retired in 2004.
He was in the drawing office in Wake Green Road and then Barnwood. He also did periods on site at Aberthaw (1979-1980), Ferrybridge (1968) and Didcot (1969).
I have copy of the September 1979 issue of Power Project that has a two page article about the time he spent at Aberthaw A.
Working with him were Bill McDowall, Wynn Jones and Barry Hill.
Lyndon Davies Does anyone have a contact for Peter Davey a trainer at Drakelow in the 1970/1980s ?
Dr Lyndon Davies Willesley Park Golf club would like to contact him.
Rowan Deam My name is Rowan Deam. I worked at the CEGB’s Marchwood Research Laboratories from 1974 to 1990. I have been told that Prof. Vijay Chatooroon is wanting to contact me.
Ashley Simms Anyone who knew Mr John Mason personally as a colleague or worked at Hams Hall between 1955 and 1991 .
Angela Warren is trying to contact John Nolan who worked at the power stations in 1965/1966. He worked at Ironbridge and it's thought he came from the Burton area.
Do you have any contact details ?
If so, please send to :-
Peter Wright has organised a reunion for the C.E.G.B. 1964/65 apprentice intake.
He would like to organise another meeting, and he would like to contact some of those guys he struggled to locate last time :-
Eric Buck, Bob Gilbert, Adrian Hitchins, Dave Yarnel, Nigel Jones, Geoff Wardle, Tony Gilmore.
In addition most apprentices attended the Instrument Training Centres at Castle Donnington and Drakelow and would like to contact the trainers:-
Peter Davey & Gordon Clapham.

We have located John Pickham and Gordon Clapham and Larry Beards
Gatherings are held about every three months at the John Thompson public house, Ingleby, Derby DE73 7HW

Still trying to locate :-
Eric Buck, Bob Gilbert, Adrian Hitchins, Dave Yarnel, Nigel Jones, Geoff Wardle, Tony Gilmore.
Do you have contact details for any of the above ?
If so, please send to :-
Phil Robinson is trying to contact anyone who went to Handsworth or Aston tech in the years 1962 - 1968
Jessica Edwards (nee Lusk) Just wondered if anyone knew Archie Lusk. He was at Wake Green Road between 1961 and 1982. Would really like to hear about him.
Ron Bryan Is trying to contact William Lane - (Student Apprentice with CEGB about 1958.) - More details
Gill Roe I'm trying to contact anyone who might have worked with my Dad Ian Roe (aka giroe) in the control room at Drakelow 'C' Station, particularly Dave Thomas known as Tommo. Dad retired from Drakelow about 30 years ago.

Can you help ? . . .

Bit of an odd question here.

I am researching the Hams Hall station as it was during the early 1940’s and have discovered that there was a QF/QL bombing decoy site installed on land close by.
Taking into account the fact that Hams was one of the largest output generating stations in the country, I am attempting to discover if it was
actively targeted by Luftwaffe bombers during this period. Local records remain mute on the subject.

I am a retired Power Station Manager, having managed coal fired generating plant with total capacity of as much as 3960 MW. (6 X 660MW). I also have had some experience with our nuclear power station near Cape Town.
My complete set of GEGB Modern Power Station Practice books were destroyed in a fire. How can I obtain a new set ? - I D Struwig, South Africa

Dear Mr I D Struwig (South Africa),
I do not think that MPSP books are in print today. I get second hand books from websites like amazon.com; books are sent to me in the UK. I do not know whether suppliers supply second hand books to the Republic of South Africa.
Best regards,

John Wright has a pdf copy, Click here
See also:- here

Have you lost your "Deed of Apprenticeship" (indentures) and managed to get a replacement ? - If so who did you contact ?

I asked our Programme Development Centre Co-ordinator who has made several enquiries over the years about CEGB apprentice record etc., to a variety of institutions. Including the “The National Archives of the United Kingdom” who told me; “Although we hold a large number of records for the Central Electricity Generating Board, we will not hold records of their Apprentices. Unfortunately, these records will no longer exist, as staff records are not Public Records”. I’ve also been told that due to Data Protection we should not hold records that old. (E-ON UK).

Do you remember a large power outage across part of England, sometime in the late 1960's or early 1970's ? . . . . . . more details
Laurence Blundell has been doing some research into the history of the power stations at Nechells, and would be very pleased to hear from anyone who worked there, or has any photographs of the station.

Is this a mark lamb who used to be in the Navy and knows Steve Swaine?

I have just started working at power stations and I am looking for some old training material to get up to speed with my other mates. Can you help at all ? Mark Lamb

Other years
1951 Lincoln:- Ron Whitby.
1952 Ocker Hill:- Ken Arnold, John Burgess, Leon Bowen, Geoff Knight, Malcolm Richards, Roger Thornhill, John Wellings, Mick Westley, Maurice Owen.
1955 Hams Hall:- Vince Obrien.
1956 Meaford:- Alan Thorley & Tina Owen, S.W.Region:- Pete Young
1958 Midlands Region:- Mark Skinner.
Staythorpe:- Geoff Wagstaff.
1970 Stourport:- Stuart Parsons.
Willington:- Robert Hughes, Paul Goodhead.
Coventry:- Mike Gash, Paul Clarke.
Rugeley:- John Pesic.
Ironbridge:- Tony Morris.
West Burton:- Chris Marshall, Tony Smithson, Dave Scott, Phil Carter, Mick Wegner, Richard Brocklsby, Stuart Foottit, Mick Kettlewell.
High Marnham:- Phil Easom.
Spondon:- Bryan Stevenson.
Hams Hall:- John Smith.
Drakelow:- Alan Murray.
Nechells:- Eric Thomas.
Stourport:- Rowland Pound (Rolly), John Koblanski (‘Cobbie’), John Mangun, Graham Turner, Steve Hobster (Hobby), Pete Denyer, John Connelly, Pete Cook.
Ironbridge:- Kashmir Singh.
1971 Drakelow:- Johann Hope.
Castle Donington:- Les Barnard, Alan Ruston, Dave Gill, Nick Castledine, Ian Bell.
Lincoln:- Paul Fahey.
Staythorpe:- Keith (Tommo) Tomlinson, John Lewin.
1972 High Marnham:- Alan Kirk, Alan Straw, Denis Sturman, John Shaw.
West Burton:- Gary Keeling, Mick Flynn (Paddy), Rob Kendal, Chris Chappel, Paul Bassett, Tic` Priestly.
Staythorpe:- David Kennedy, Clive Sims(Slash), Vaughan Boot.
Cottam:- Dave Tunard, David Cooper, Mick Hubbard, Pete Straw.
Lincoln:- Gary Robson, Keith McGurk, Steve Gothorpe,
Ratcliffe:- Pete Arundel.
Spondon:- Kev Wheatley.
Hams Hall:- Ray Crossan, Steve James, Chris Jones (Central Workshops).
Rugeley:- Eddie Crouth, Brian Aldred, Paul Chawner, John B. Titherington.
Ironbridge:- John Carter(Bun), Alan Roberts, Phil Danby.
Walsall/Wolverhampton:- Mick Sherratt.
Drakelow:- Keith Williams (deceased 28/02/2020), Richard (Baz) Ballard, John Sullivan, Les McClenahan, Nigel Orton, Barry Page.
Willington:- Brendan Walsh, John Stevenson (Geordie), Patrick Varney, Patrick Lynch, Mick Mckeown.
1973 Drakelow:- Robin Reyes, Steve Perry.
Cottam:- Colin Jennings, Steve Searson.
West Burton:- Dave Lane.
Drakelow:- David Heath,
Willington:- John Wright, Ian Baxter, Ian Whitfield
1974 Drakelow:- Pete Green, Roy Illsley, Frank Quinzy, Steve Gregory, Colin Farmer, Kevin Chilman, Les Thompson, Kevin Davis,
Nechells:- Tony Burns
1975 West Burton:- Anthony Garwell, David Dunn, Kevin Lane, Kevin Childs.
High Marnham:- Paul Thomson.
Rugeley:- Andrew Drake, Henry Evans, Philip Jones.
Nottingham:- .
1976 N. Wilford & Ratcliffe:- Julian Buckley
Drakelow:- Chris Bennett.
1977 Drakelow:- Mick Papp (Student Apprentice)
1978 West Burton:- Andrew Gelsthorpe
Ratcliffe:- Steve Whitby
Castle Donington:- David Ross.
High Marnham:- Jeremy Watson
Willington:- Neil Parry
1979 West Burton:- Mark Brooks
High Marnham:- Graham Hedge
Ironbridge:- Nick Harper, Alan Rogers.
Willington:- Chris Littlewood.
Stourport:- Pete Litchfield.
Staythorpe:- Matt Sykes.
High Marnham:- Simon Rolfe.
1980 Drakelow:- Carl Bottrell (IMD intake), John Price.
Ironbridge:- Dave Palin.
Rugeley:- Leslie lemmon, Richard Jupp.
Ratcliffe:- Andy Wakeling, Simon Foster.
Stourport:- Phil Smith.
Hams Hall:- Mark Holland.
1981 Ratcliffe:- Paul Whitby, Pete Cresswell, Nigel Bates,
Drakelow:- John Hibberd, Jim Griffiths, Pete Johnson, Mick Dughan, Richard Ward, Ray Parry, Richard Palmer (Student Apprentice)
Ironbridge:- Nick Harper, Graham Vickers, Paul Growcott
Willington:- Ian Roulston (Now sadly deceased), Andy Westley, Adrian 'Ross' Staley
Rugeley:- Nigel Millington, Mick Wilcox, Colin Wilshaw
Meaford:- Mike Fisher
Castle Donington:- Eddie Brown, Mark Neville, Perran 'Reg' Worthington, Richard England
Hams Hall:- Mark Coffey
Hams Hall Central Workshops:- Glyn Jones, Brent Adams
High Marnham:- Bryan Sturman
1983 Drakelow:- (IMD intake) Andrew Taylor
West Burton:- Paul Hird
Cottam:- Vince Caruso
1985 West Burton:- Steve Hall, Gary Straughan, Paul (Pimp) Hooton, Carl (Smeg) Shaw, Ian Gordon, Selwyn Oakes.
Cottam:- Simon Skelton, Martin Smith, Paul Redford, Paul Oaks, Craig Porter.
1987 Rugeley:- George Crozier
1988 Drakelow:- Martyn Thompson Andy Dyke, Colin Wood, Niall Watson, Ashley Shelton.
1989 Ironbridge:- David Price-Cooper

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